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Mukul Deva

Acknowledged by the media and critiques for a clear Nostradamus Approach and by the title 'The God of All Things', this legendary author is noted for his courage, wit and military thrillers on terrorism and action, to list a few.

He is the man who has not just been sitting behind a desk and coughing up literature but the one who was in the thick of the action. Presenting before you Tom Clancy's Indian counterpart, the one and only – Mukul Deva. 

Hello Mukul Sir, So how did it all begin?
Even as a child, I was madly in love with the art of storytelling and it had always been my dream to become one myself. That is why, even though I use books as a medium of expression, at heart, I view myself only as a story teller. This, like most other art forms, requires just two things – a lot of junoon and even more discipline... :)

People believe you possess Nostradamus Touch as you envisioned Bin Laden’s end with Salim Must Die well before the US operation; what’s your take on it?
For every single book I have written, I spend an extraordinary amount of time on research and I am an avid student of history. I guess both these come together with my love for writing about things happening around us and logically end up in some of the things I write about coming true. I see myself as a profiler of the times I live in as it so happens a fairly accurate one.

We call you Salman Khan of Indian Writing, what do you think about the same?
Nostradamus, Literary Storm trooper, The Renaissance Man - all these I am familiar with - But Salman Khan? Seriously... LOL... now I will have to stop wearing shorts and call myself Chulbul Pandey... :) And I would be very curious to know why they call me the Salman Khan of Indian writing.

The Lashkar series is a fine bridge between fact and fiction. I’d specifically want to ask you of one sentence, ‘…. The Indian Army did not leave its dead or wounded behind’ p 251 (Lashkar).
This is a fact. In every operation, we are trained to ensure we do not leave the bodies of our fallen comrades behind. I am not saying it’s never happened ... there are some dire situations where it may be simply impossible, but those are very rare.

Do you think you would write these books with the same precision and caliber if you hadn't had an army background (I was asked this question in my paper presentation on your novel)?
I am sure I would have. After all, I have written crime thrillers like AND DEATH CAME CALLING with equal precision and covered both sides of the story - though I am neither cop nor criminal... :) And we cannot forget that Tom Clancy, who is an iconic military thriller writer, was not an army man either.

Absolutely Sir; BTW your books will make incredible movies. Any plans for cinematic adaptations?
I completely agree with you that they would adapt very well to the silver screen. And yes, the movie rights for LASHKAR have already been assigned to a movie producer. There is also a query from a Hollywood studio for WEAPON OF VENGEANCE. So fingers crossed, let’s hope it all goes well and I see my books on the big screen.

Give us a little insight about your upcoming books.
I am currently working on a thriller, the sequel to THE DUST WILL NEVER SETTLE or WEAPON OF VENGEANCE as its called in America. This is called POUND OF FLESH and is the third book of the Ravinder Gill series. It is slated for release in June 2016; probably in the US first and then in the Indian sub-continent.
Thereafter I shall be writing ONE NIGHT STAND, which is the second book of my Deadly Sins series and is a psychological thriller. 

What are your inclinations apart from Writing?
Other than writing, which I do four hours every day, I love reading. In fact I think anyone who aspires to be a writer, must be an avid reader as well. I also love watching movies - in several languages. And I am passionate about swimming and yoga. Then of course I am also actively involved in my company, providing coaching and leadership training in 13 countries as on date. 

Where can we find more about you and your work?

To conclude, Please share a message for the readers. 
Life is a one shot deal with no retakes – so live it. And when things go wrong, which they will. Often. Then remember that - when you were born they gave you a birth certificate, not a warranty card. Shit happens! Deal with it – and keep smiling... :)

Wow, beautiful message indeed. 
Thank you once again for sparing your precious time for this interview and enlightening us with your wise words. We wish you tons of good luck and success in all your future endeavors

P.S.: To be honest, I wish the part of counter-attack in Lashkar wasn’t just a fiction!

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