Friday, October 17, 2014

Karen Simpson Nikakis

Hey Everyone, How you doing? 
I am so excited to present before you my first-ever interview
You guys must have heard about the amazing fantasy writer, K S Nikakis. This post is dedicated to the lovely woman. 

Karen Simpson Nikakis is an academic at NMIT. A passionate reader and student of fantasy writing, she lives in Melton, Victoria with her husband and two children.  The Kira Chronicles is her first series.

Hi Karen, So how did it all begin?
I discovered Lord of the rings when I was about 19 and have read it more than 30 times since and of course own the extended editions of Jackson's version. The only problem was that it has no romance so for many years I imagined an Eowyn-like character and an Aragorn-like character having adventures together. These finally morphed into Caledon and Kira. I had no idea that Tierken was going to appear until well into book 2. I don't plan my stories and I just see what turns up so Tierken was a big surprise.

When did you first, without hesitation, call yourself a Writer?
I think most people want commercial publication before they call themselves writers. We all really want approval but anyone who writes consistently is a writer. Taking pain by the laying of hands has occurred throughout history.

Give us a little insight about your incredible fantasy trilogy, The Kira Chronicles.
I wanted to write a strong female character, not one who acted like a man. Kira and Palansa's strengths are in their love and nurturing; they fight for those who love. The Kira Chronicles is intended to be a strong anti-war book about how circumstances can lead to bloodshed. The Shargh were robbed of their lands historically, so in a sense, everything that happens has a reason. The Kira Chronicles contain no magic; neither do my other books, but have extraordinary happenings in them.

How do you balance the craft of writing with the business of writing?
I work full time running a Writing and Publishing degree and am very busy but I try to write every night. I have completed a Hunter duology (Heart Hunter and Rain Hunter) and a novella called The Third Moon. I am on book 4 of an Angel Caste series which will be six books: Angel Breath, Angel Blood, Angel Bound, Angel Bright are all in the editing stage.

Wow, that sounds great. So, do you relate with 'Australian Literature'?
I don't really relate to Australian literature because I write fantasy and fantasy is international. A lot of fantasy draws on English and European myths, and increasingly on South East Asian myths.

Are you planning to adapt any of your stories to the screen?
Most writers would love to see their work made into films but less than 1% of books make it to the screen. I think The Kira Chronicles would make lovely films because I think the settings would look great. I am also presently doing some children apps with a small company but these will probably
be under a pen name, most likely Chrys Andreas, because these are my daughter's and son's names.

Do you give away signed copies?
I do give away hard copies (signed) but the book is no longer available in hard copy.

Where can we buy/read your books?
I am intending to launch these as ebooks, late this year or early next. To find them just Google KS Nikakis. The Kira Chronicles is available through Amazon as ebooks.  

Sincere gratitude for sparing your precious time for this interview and enlightening us with your wise words. We wish you tons of good luck and success in all your future endeavors
Thank you, once again! 

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